Re: Current Firmware

Jack, W8TEE

I have cleaned those up, and changed the *.ino files to *.cpp files, except for the primary sketch file (i.e., the one with setup() and loop() in it) and created an appropriate header file for type checking on function calls. The two advanatages of doing this is:

1) type checking of parameter and return types on function calls
2) incremental compiles
3) it's easy to see what the sketch directory should be named

While I have cleaned up most of the warnings/errors, I have not touched the warnings coming from the library files, and there are a lot of those. To my knowledge, none are fatal. However, it do not want to go messing around with library files. Those should be fixed by the authors of those files, not me.

Jack, W8TEE

On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 5:14:13 PM EDT, Gary Anderson <gary.ag5tx@...> wrote:

Green Button 'Clone or download' then download the zip file.
You put the folder containing multiple files into your Arduino "sketch" directory/folder
.. on a pc it can be found under the 'file -> preferences' tab.  I bet something similar on a mac.

Yes it may be a little confusing that there are multiple .ino files in one 'sketch'.
... and I'm pretty sure that the primary .ino file needs to have the same name as the folder in Arduino land.
Anyways, I put in a folder called "ubitx_v43" and renamed "ubitx_v4.3_code.ino" to "ubitx_v43.ino"

It compiled and linked, albeit quite a few warnings for someone so driven to clean-up :)


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