Re: Need Clarification on uBitx v. 4 Schematic

Michael Shreeve

I believe Ashhar is using the RD15HV IN rV4 . he ha done major mods, A complete descrete direct coupled audio amplifier circuit, a pop eliminator, an AGC , Lots of stuff. He claimed it was a dollars worth of parts, but, the board is a massive change. The Finals section in the schematic is very confusing and looks like a direct coupled Mosfet circuit, but that's probably not the case. Hopefully he's reading this , I printed the schematic 10x17 today and the changes stood out like a "western sore thumb" . Very tempting to have a second board. 

On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 2:46 PM, Mike <msmith@...> wrote:
Thanks for the replies . . . I figured they were meant to be options. May be better just to provide a text-box footnote in schematic.

I've made dozens of FT8 contacts with a scratch built ubitx(V3) using the 510's, typically 10W PEP,  minimal heatsink, no fan, no enclosure . . . . the 510's are actually quite rugged, stable, and predictable.

It's part of what makes it a fun build - they're cheap to replace when you drive them into oscillation and then *poof* !

Michael Shreeve N6GRG

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