Re: uBitx sound

iz oos

I like as mine came from the factory. Indeed it has no basses. Also the tx audio sounds the same. In my unit frequencies below 700hz are cut down. Above 2.8khz are also cut. The filter seems to me quite effective. I could adjust the bfo to have more basses and less high. But I prefer like it is now also because the opposite sideband is really suppressed and the carrier attenuated. I see this as I always monitor my tx audio with an external sdr receiver. We can have a sked on the bands if you like if this would help.

Il 31/mag/2018 19:19, <aronax37@...> ha scritto:
The sound from my uBitx has no bass. It sounds like an ancient mini-transistor radio receiver. Is the speaker from the Inkits case so bad?  My Youkits HB-1B on the same frequency and small external speaker sounds much better. Inkits case is relatively big, sound should by far better I think.

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