Expert Advice Needed


I will be starting to assemble my uBITX after the case is delivered on 6/1.  I received the uBITX on 4/18 and have been waiting for the case to delivered from India. The board I received is marked N97014, 2/18, V3(c).  I need to know what upgrades wil be best to install now.  Please advise if there are any errors that need to be addressed at this time.  I would like to know if anyone is using the CCI EB63A amp.  Please let me know if the online assembly manual can be trusted to be correct.  I also need advice about installing the firmware, not real up to speed on this. This build will be a learning experience on the software side. Is there a good book that would be recommended as a learning tool for the Raduino firmware. I will be using this radio primarily on 40-80 meters at this time. Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, buddy3223

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