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Ian Lee

Nextion LCD User and all

I released the version (V1.080) and experimented with various things.
from the beginning of uBITX firmware development, there was a request support for Nextion LCD.
Since version V1.073, various LCD was supported (Except Nextion LCD)
Some users have sent related materials to Nextion LCD and I have purchased Nextion LCD.
I do not know how to use Nextion LCD well.

I have seen DMR Hotspot use Nextion LCD. I was surprised to see that users could easily implement their own UI programs on the Nextion LCD.
I can not use the Nextion LCD well but the interface with uBITX is implemented.
You do not need any hardware modifications to use the Nextion LCD.
Just remove the existing LCD and connect the Nextion LCD in place using 5 Lines. It looks like an I2C LCD.
Like the DMR Hot Spot, I think users will be able to pick and use the UI.

If you want UI programming on Nextion LCD, please send me mail (with your mail address)
also Please email me if you can beta test my protocol or 2.4 "LCD.
I will send you a code to test Nextion LCD with uBITX and template code for Nextion LCD UI Designer.
I am making a UI suitable for 2.4 "LCD based on Template. It's a $ 17 LCD that I bought from Aliexpress, but it's still good.


2018-05-22 23:00 GMT+09:00 Allen Merrell via Groups.Io <kn4ud@...>:

I am interested in this too. I have not received  my ubitx yet but have been playing around with the Arduino and stm. I've  not had much luck with stm  f303k8  nucleo , mostly because like it has been mentioned library  issues  I have not tried  the  blue pill or the f4 boards I have.
73's  kn4ud
Allen  Merrell

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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