Heat proofing the ubitx.

_Dave_ K0MBT

I have been working to keep the power transistors cooler. 

Initally I added a 80mm fan to blow across the transistors and board. 

When doing ft8 I would get significant heating of the power transistors.Everything is run with a 13.8v linear power supply.  The transistors would heat up enough  to make them too hot to keep my fingers against. 

I added a shroud similar to the one shown covering the stock heatsinks. It did not help that much. I had a fairly small but 1" tall computer heat sink, cut it in half and tapped in mounting holes. The should dhad to be redesigned to fit them but now I have not been able to feel more than only very slight heating wile running the FT8 tuning feature. 
ubitx fan shroud

this worked so well I added a similar heatsink to my bitx40.

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