Re: What does zero-beat sound like? #ubitx

Glenn Anderson

When tuning in an AM station when your rig is listening on SSB, you will hear a carrier tone... This will vary depending on whether you change your frequency up or down... When you tune so that the frequency you hear gets so low that it "disappears" then you have "zero-beated" on the station... Most commercial rigs have a tune button that typically is at every 25 or 100 khz on the dial...

Once you no longer hear the tone then that's when you calibrate your dial... A good frequency on air is WWV @ 10.000Mhz...

I hope that helps,

Glenn VE3JAU

On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 6:11 PM, kj6etl <pa1zz@...> wrote:
Ok this might be the most newbie queastion in the century but I am not sure what Farhan means in the Tune-Up instructions to calibrate the uBitx to "zero-beat" on a known AM station.
Doest this mean turning for best sound? No sound? A 1000rz tone?
Seriously what is this "zero beat" on an AM broadcast station supposed to sound like ?-)



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