Re: Ideas for AM, NB FM Demod and CW filter board

Ralph Mowery

Mr Farhan did a great job of designing the uBITX and keeping the price as low as it is.  I doubt it could be done, but I would like to see something along the same line that has NBFM  and maybe AM and a CW filter in it for less than $ 200 USD shipped.  Just wish that I had the skills to do things like this.

I had two reasons to get this rig.  One was to play and modify it, the other is to drive some VHF/UHF converters from the Ukrain that are selling for less than $ 100.  

de ku4pt

On Tue, May 29, 2018 at 12:35 PM, Rahul Srivastava via Groups.Io <vu3wjm@...> wrote:

I was discussing with Farhan on this topic for an add on demod board to add more versatility to uBitx.  CB radios often used a common chip for AM as well as NBFM receive. I enquired here and TDA1220 is available in mkt for slightly more than a $.

With the parallel XF mod maybe we can have an add on board with this chip and a 6 pole Cohn CW xtal filter. 2nd IF's now being 12MHz SSB, 10.7MHz + 455KHz for AM/FM and possibly 8.xx MHz or some other for CW. 

Guys what to suggest..


Rahul VU3WJM 

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