Re: A steal for Arduino Experimenters



You are so right about the clones. My first was a authentic Arduino UNO that I bought from Radio Shack for 30 bucks, (so I've paid the tax), now I have maybe 40 clones of all flavors including a dozen plain ATmega328PU chips for building directly into my projects. When you get right down to it, a Arduino is nothing but a 328 chip and a 16Mhz crystal and a couple of 22pf caps, (overly simplified I know). I also agree with Jerry about using Pro Minis, it's not necessary to have all that USB circuitry sitting there running for a occasional firmware update when you can just plug a USB TTL Serial adapter in, do your update and remove it. Of course this wouldn't work if you needed CAT control, I don't. That Banggood kit is a great deal for getting started building Arduino projects.


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