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David Wilcox <Djwilcox01@...>

I bought the Elegoo starter kit for $30.00 and it came with a little CD with all the files on it.  Was well worth the money.  You can go to the Elegoo site too and download their starter files.  I am sure most of the starter programs are similar.

Here is the beginning page:

The kit I have is the basic one for the Mega 2560.  I couldn't download the file on my old iPad for some reason but you can with a real computer.  

I am surprised you aren't getting better service from Bangood.  I haven't had any problems with their stuff so far.  I prefer Adafruit though as their service is fantastic.

As long as you have the kit any beginning book about beginning Arduino should give you the lessons on how to use it.  The Arduino website itself has lots of information.  Looking over many of the starter kits available they all have the same or similar parts.  You just need the lessons.

FWIW, your mileage may vary.

Dave K8WPE 

On May 28, 2018, at 9:25 PM, AGØH <> wrote:

I ordered and received the Basic Starter Kit from Bangood.  The kit, however, has no 'help' manual but a later post included a web address from Bangood to send for the free PDF starter guide.  That link did not work.  I wrote Bangood and, after two requests, received a 75mb zipped file.  I tried to unzip it and was given the message that the file couldn't be unzipped as it was corrupted.
Several requests to Bangood to send re-send the file have fallen on deaf ears.
So......has anyone received the PDF that could forward me a copy?  It would be greatly appreciated as this nubee needs all the help he can get in experimenting with the Arduino. 

Keith AGØH

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