Re: LM380 vs TDA2822 audio quality

Ashhar Farhan

Good to know! 

On Mon, 28 May 2018, 07:18 w1eat via Groups.Io, <> wrote:
Since I replaced my audio amp with an LM380 I just can't be more pleased with the results.  The LM380 has much less distortion for me on CW.  The 2822 must have been having input limiting and/or inter-modular distortion, with that square-wave buzziness being very noticeable on QRN and multiple loud CW sigs at once.  I had thought that Q70 was just being over-worked but that appears wrong.  I did do the 16K resisitor to ground from the base of Q70 mod before the 2822 had to be replaced and it seemed to help some at the time, but for the price of a resistor anything is worth trying.

I built the LM380 amp on a small piece of circuit board dead bug style.  Be sure to bypass the V+ pin close to the pin.  You can hear a lot of unwanted AM radio with sloppy wiring. 

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