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One thing you may wish to do is put terminals/ a connector to bring out the I2C pins SDA and SCL since many people are using such devices in the uBITx.  There is a nice blank spot on the board next to the 2K2 resistors for that.



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Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2018 10:31 PM
Subject: [BITX20] Raduino 4 Line Single Sided PCB boards


Hi! Friends,

I have designed a homebrew friendly Single sided PCB for Raduino in a form factor of 20X4 line LCD. This board  supports 2 line display as well. I have added some minor edits to orignal Raduino schematics that is self explanatory namely few more electrolytics, separate Analog Digital ground plain, Nano module on component side to make it plugable. Largely thru hole components but SMD pads also included for coupling and decoupling caps.

All fabrication files are being made Open Source for personal and club use only. Please verify the Gerbers before making the board. Your feedback is highly appreciated for any further improvements.

Enjoy & 73

Rahul VU3WJM



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