Re: Volume pot question

Clark Martin

It will work but for best results it should be a log (AKA audio) taper, not linear. If you can’t tell, hook up an ohmmeter to the wiper and either end, set the pot to the midway point. The meter should NOT read around 2.35K ohms. It’s hard to say what the proper value for a log pot is, it depends on which side of the pot is connected and I don’t know the formula for resistance vs shaft position off hand.

Clark Martin

On May 26, 2018, at 8:48 AM, brad martin <emclinux@...> wrote:

I see that the ubitx uses a 10k pot for the volume but I can’t seem to find a good knob for it. I do however have a 4.7k pot with a switch that has a more standard shaft size. Would I experience any ill effects by swapping the 10k for a 4.7k?

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