Re: Firmware Questions

Ralph Mowery

You should build the radio and see if it works first.  Then save the original configuration to a file.  This is so that if you start to do a calibration and something goes wrong you can start from the beginning again.  To use the new firmware with an s-meter you will have to install a hardware modification to make that work.  

You may or may not have to do a calibration on the radio as it is suppose to be calibrated at the 'factory'.  

Go here and read a lot about the ubitx.

Look at the kd8cec firmware.  It will have a couple of modifications that make the radio more convenient to use and info about an s-meter circuit and automatic volume control.

On Thu, May 24, 2018 at 12:14 PM, Curt M. <Kc3hjp@...> wrote:
Hi guys, getting ready to assemble my new uBitx. There’s a ton of information on the site but I’m afraid I may miss something if I don’t as a question or two. I take it that once I power the radio on I’m going to have to do some sort of calibration. I say this because I think I read where if you upgrade firmware some of the other firmwares my not have the ability to do this initial calibration. I was reading some stuff online while I was just about to goto sleep so maybe I misinterpreted what I read. 

So I guess my question is and I expect that it will be debatable but what seems to be the best firmware to use and what do I have to do with calibration? It would be nice to have something with a S meter and I’m not sure that I’ll use the radio on digital modes as far as I know. I have other radios for that.  I think the stock firmware does not have an S meter on the display. 

With my Bix40 I installed the front end protection diodes and a capacitor which I believe was to take care of some harmonics. After that I just used the radio. I stopped upgrading firmware after the release of firmware that was supposed to take care of the pop when keying up. I think the firmware after that was going to require some hardware mods and I didn’t see the benefit of doing that since I had a radio that operated very well. I see me using the uBitx and probably not modifying any further. 

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