Re: Nextion Display

Jack, W8TEE

Initially, I had an analog S-meter on the JackAl board, but changed to a bar meter, mainly because I was running out of nano-acres. You can make the meter look "less jerky" if, when you compare the new position with the old position, you divide that difference by some constant (e.g., 5) and do the erase-redraw in 5 steps rather than in one jump. Sometimes it will look better if you throw in a small delay (e.g., perhaps 20-30 ms) between each redraw, too. That way, the needle "slides" to the new position rather than jump to it.

Jack, W8TEE

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, 8:15:20 AM EDT, stephanus1@... <stephanus1@...> wrote:

I have also started to play with my 3.5 inch display and so far i am good with the results. The only part I am not sure about is how to do the serial coms from the raduino to the display. The attaced video is a work in progress.
More info is always appreciated. 


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