Re: toggle for low output and max output? #ubitx

John (vk2eta)

I have uploaded the latest version of my variation on Ian's software with a default of "stock standard" which means it should run on units "factory" wired.

It includes the "OPTION_ALC" where I use a table and interpolation to set the attenuation forĀ  3 levels (Low, High, Max) for SSB power output.

Not a complex code at all (just search for the "option_alc" keywork). Will give up to around 50dB of attenuation. So should be plenty to control the power even for WSPR low power fans.

I even had to attenuate the signal for "Max" power on 40 and 80m otherwise I would get well passed the targeted 16-17W on the lower frequencies.

But still well short on 10m, so I am following Allison's work on the power chain with great interest.

73, John (VK2ETA)

Software at:

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