ubitx code version 4.3 for review, testing

Ashhar Farhan

peeps, jack, ian, allard, arv

i have created a next version of the base software after thinking hard about it. you can download it from https://github.com/afarhan/ubitx4. I invite you all to test it. if you are not familiar with C code or Arduino programming, I suggest you wait for a few days until we get all the bugs sorted out. This is only for the Arduino regulars.

Sending bugs:
Send me the bug reports directly to my email farhanbox@.... In the subject line use the word "#ubitx40". I will try to answer all emails but I can't promise responses to all. 

Before you start reviewing the code, let me give you a heads up of what to expect. Going by the general mood, I have taken the call to substantially borrow from Ian, KD8CEC's code and back port it to the original ubitx code. I guess that the new code has about 10% more lines but it is substantially more robust and useful.  The main features that I cherry picked from Ian's code are:

1. Keyer. You have to choose which keyer to use, but the keying is much better and robust now. This code is a total copy/paste of Ian's keyer. The auto-keyer (that sends out preset phrases in cw) is left out. The Iamabic A, Iambic B and the handkey sending works very well.
2. CAT control. Given the popularity of FT8, I rewrote the cat by following Ian's code but rewrote it to follow the ubitx coding conventions. It is a miminal set.
3. Split operations: My own interest of working with satellites have prompted me to add split operation. 
4. Rationalized menus: The menu system is now more consistent.
5. Tuning mechanism. The accelerated tuning works, though it doesn't jump randomly like before nor does it work at that speed. For very long band changes, it is recommended to do that through the menu option to change the band.

Among the things left out was support for different other types of displays, wspr beacon and many other goodies. The eeprom memory map is kept consistent with the KD8CEC's plan. You can switch between both the codes easily.

I have kept usage of english words at a minimum.  

- f

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