Socketing a Nano to the other side of the Raduino

Jerry Gaffke

We would like to socket the Nano, but then the standard display doesn't fit,
If we extend the pins to make it fit, then we may have to redo our enclosure
to give the display some extra room.

Here's a possible solution:

Remove Nano from the Raduino, add socket strips to the other side of the Raduino,
Get a Nano with the pins not yet installed:
Solder them pins to the top side of the Nano.
Plug and play.

Bad news is that the Nano is now sitting right above the RF part of the uBitx,
no longer shielded by the Raduino's ground plane.
So the audio tone issue could be the next issue to solve.

Fortunately, the CH340 is now easy to remove/disable, use a USB-to-UART cable assembly instead.

Perhaps hang caps on the 16mhz resonator to bring it down in frequency,
or replace it with a non-16mhz crystal?  Drive it from the BFO?

Or tinfoil and duct tape?

Jerry, KE7ER

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