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Jack, W8TEE


You probably already know this, but the Arduino IDE wants the compile directory name to be the same as the INO file that holds setup() and loop() functions, ubitx_20.ino in this case. During development, I change that to something like ubitxV001.ino, so I get a directory structure like:


(I use my E: drive for development) and the rest of the project's files are in the same subdirectory. I also renamed any other files either *.cpp or *.h as needed and not *.ino except for the file with setup() and loop() functions. This allows me to have type checking across compile elements. Using some kind of naming convention means that project names can have some meaning.

Jack, W8TEE

On Monday, May 21, 2018, 5:03:06 AM EDT, Tom, wb6b <wb6b@...> wrote:


I've managed to get the CEC uBITX Memory Manager running and the uBITX_CEC firmware uploaded to my uBITX from my Mac.

uBITX Manager:

I have Microsoft Visual Studio Community (a free version) already install on my Mac, so Mono was already installed. When I first tried to run uBITX_Manager it crashed with the warning "The Carbon driver has not been ported to 64bits, and very few parts of Windows.Forms will work properly, or at all".

After a little Googling I found the solution was to run mono in the 32 bit mode with the following command:
mono --arch=32 uBITX_Manager.exe

The uBITX Manager UI runs painfully slow on the Mac. Scrolling is next to impossible. But, with patients it is useful. The buttons will be covered over often, but just hover the mouse over them to bring them back.

The manager crashed when connecting to the USB serial chip unless the "Linux" mode check box was checked.

Also, I already had the USB serial driver installed because I'd purchased a temperature logger from this company "Elitech" and the driver was included with their software. However, the Mac "Homebrew" installer now has an updated signed driver for the CH340 chip. I found this on Github: 

uBITX CEC Firmware Upload:

I decided the best way to upload the firmware was through the Arduino sketch IDE. I downloaded the firmware source code and compiled it. The only issue I had with comping the code was I named the base directory with the version number of the code as part of the name. The source code wants to be in a directory named ubitx_20. I installed this directory under the "~/Documents/Arduino/" directory where all my other sketches are located. I have a fair number of libraries already installed, so it is possible you may need to add a library here or there if the CEC uBITX firmware needs any other libraries.

Running the Firmware:

The firmware seems to be running just fine. I used the uBITX Manager to copy the memory values from my Radiuno and save them to a file. I'm particularly interested in using the CAT interface to control my uBITX from a Raspberry Pi.

This software and the fact that it exposes all the memory settings, may have already started to point to some of the mysteries involving my radio. I have noticed my receiver is about 100hz low on sideband signals. That is no big deal. However, it looks like my transmitter frequency is about 1khz low on CW. I can't quite wrap my head around the standard factory setup calibration method and if it could result in an unwanted difference in the transmit and receive frequency calibrations (or fix it). 

I wanted to try the IF shift to get a handle of where my radio may be operating in the 12Mhz crystal filter bandpass. Interestingly, tuning the IF shift up a kHz makes the received SSB signals much clearer. So, maybe my uBITX is out of calibration. 

There truly are a lot of numbers and such to digest in the uBITX Manager, but I'll read the posts (and the synthesizer chip's app notes) on how the calculations are done and then I'll know for sure when my radio is calibrated. At least now, rather than not quite knowing what the assumptions are in the factory calibration, I can directly experiment with the values to understand them and see what works. 

Tom, wb6b

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