Re: testing wsjtx on linux

Rod Davis <km6sn@...>


I believe somehow you have an older copy of hamlib.

IIRC you must have the hamlib associated with wsjtx 1.9 or later.

Here's what works at my QTH, running ubuntu 16.04.4 64 bit

go to
near the bottom of the page,
download wsjtx-1.9.0-rc4_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i wsjtx-1.9.0-rc4_amd64.deb

then load KD8CEC firmware 1.073 or later onto the ubitx, then


use attached file to run grig

on a command line, type     ./

in the grig GUI, click on A/B  to see the vfos toggle, confirming CAT comm

----- or -----

invoke wsjtx
click file settings radio

click settings as shown in attached screenshot fh1.png

Please let me know what additional info I can supply.

Best Regards,


On 05/20/2018 03:45 AM, Ashhar Farhan wrote:
I downloaded and installed the 1.9.0 rc 4 from wsjtx home site for linux (a .deb file for ubuntu), i then installed it. however, it still gives me the time out error of the previous hamlib libraries. 
has anyone successfully installed the linux version with ubitx support?

- f 

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