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Just completed my uBITZ and got it boxed. Still some finishing touches and I will post some pictures.

Switched it on and everything is performing as described with the supplied firmware. 

I do have the audio chip with the WX**** code but audio is good into either 8 ohm or 4 ohm speaker. It sounds to me better on the 8 ohm speaker.

The display brightness is very strong and I can only view the readings if I am looking down at about 45 degrees. The pot seems to be at the lowest point. I tried it the other way but the digits disappeared and the display got brighter.

I have not seen any messages about the display. Only listening at present until I get the speaker installed. Not done any calibration yet but did check against my 10 MHz GPS standard and switching from LSB to  USB couldn't detect any difference.

Will keep checking and testing.

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if the top line looks like a line of boxes try adjusting the contrast pot on the back of the raduino...


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