Re: Raduino not working 0 Volts on Pin 6 (red wire) #ubitx #ubitx-help

Jerry Gaffke

Yup, this one has been hard to follow.
Let's keep this thread going, seems a fine title for it.

Doing a search for "Rogier", I find these:

I'm assuming all his posts have been signed "Rogier".
It seems he still has the original firmware installed, the Raduino worked at first, 
but now it powers up with a display of "LSB A : 7150.000" and fails to respond
to the function button or the encoder or the PTT switch.

He also reports that    "There is 0 volt on pin 6 (red wire for the funktion button)
to ground on the yellow wire (pin 4) or common ground on the chassis."

His iMac does not see the Raduino when hooked up with a USB cable, but then 
that's not unusual.  Many possible reasons for this.

I've got my uBitx Raduino totally unhooked from the wiring harness and the uBitx board,
laying flat on my desk.  Have a USB cable to a laptop to power up the Raduino.
Using a corner mounting hole of the Raduino for ground, I see 4.6 volts on the
first four pins in from the right on the top connector (ENCA, ENCB, FUNCTION, PTT).
The 5'th is ground, so I see 0 volts there.
The 6'th is 5 volts, and I see 4.7 or so because of a diode drop in the Nano.
The 7'th and 8'th are analog pins without pullups, so are pretty much undefined.

Be very careful when probing the 6'th pin that it does not get shorted to adjacent pins
by the probe, but if you see around 4.7 volts there that will verify that the meter is set up correctly.

If the Function button pin is low and the others high, could be there is something like a piece of wire
or a glob of solder on the Raduino that is shorting it to ground.  With power off, how many ohms
from the Function button pin to ground?  I see several mega-ohms.
A shorted function button will put it into calibration mode, and it may be waiting for the function
button to be released before updating the display.

If all four of those pins on the right side are low, that suggests more serious trouble.
Perhaps the flash program in the Nano got corrupted?  (I doubt it!)
Perhaps the IO cells into the Nano got blown  (Not all four!)
I'm betting the other three pins are high, and the Function button pin
is getting shorted low somehow, and thus hanging up the processor.
Jerry, KE7ER

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 07:37 pm, Gary Anderson wrote:
Rogier has a few threads open on his problems.  Casually, hard to keep up with where he is at the moment.
He has shared more information than is contained in this thread.
I usually _try_ to look a threads I've responded to, to see if progress is made or if additional inputs  / coaching might be helpful.
I can see how using non threaded email, one might not understand this perspective.
So, please if you have an issue where others are trying help. Please stay on the same thread e.g. subject line.  Easier for others taking their time to try an help.

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