Re: Raduino Questions for Bitx40

Ashhar Farhan

Then board seems alright. It looks like some raduino wire is grounded that shouldnt be grounded. Check your wiring carefully against the wiring diagram at HF Signals.

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On Fri, 18 May 2018, 04:04 Thomas Erwin, <terwin3486@...> wrote:
If I may I have a few questions about my Bitx40.  My display will only on power up will show "Raduino v1.01 and will stop there.  I have checked the purple wire going to the center wiper and I can vary it from 0-5volts.  I can also hear the 12 mhz on my other radio. However it will not go on to display the frequency on the display.  So I'm wondering does the "Raduino v1.01" really tell me that the software is working correctly in the nano board? I don't really have much experience with this stuff, just downloaded the IDE  and got a few books on the arduino, I'm on  the path to learning about them.  My bitx40 does not have  L4 and C93 on it,  So does the uno and board that attached to it provide all the signals that the bitx40 needs?  I watched Ashhar Farhan's video on troubleshooting and I did not have a signal at Collector at Q7 the 5 mhz on the main board.  Is this normal if the L4 and C93 are not mounted on the main board?  I feel that I need to get the display working before I go on with this.

Thanks for all input

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