Re: Newbie instructions for loading software in Raduino #firmware



I just went though that with a box of Arduino Pro Minis I just got. It drove me nuts
until I tried programming it using the Demilove, finally the IDE recognized it and
the trivial blink the on board led program would work.  Then I had to sort out
examples as many canned ones out there were for the Uno so the code was
wrong for the pins...  And this stuff is not new to me.  Once sorted it worked
and I moved on to doing what I'd intended.

If the various inputs are not working It suggests something like a missing ground
or that 4.7K resistor.  Reason I say that as all of them are very unlikely to be blown.
That is a suggestion to review your work.  Its easy to forget a wire,  put one end
or the other in the wrong place or forget a critical part.


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