Re: Newbie instructions for loading software in Raduino #firmware

Ralph Mowery

The Arduino board is soldered to the other board.  I used  a hot air gun on the pins connected to the other board.  Then one of the solder sucking guns out clean out the holes.If you get an Arduino board make sure you install the pins on the correct side or the board will not fit.

As mentioned before you should be able to connect to the nano board and download programs into it with the power off the ubitx.

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 11:53 AM, kj6etl <pa1zz@...> wrote:
Thanks these instructions will get me going.

You might have seen that I have been strugling to get my uBitx to work and I am now certain that I have a failed Raduino board since it doesn't even want to connect to my compuer.

Thank you for confirming that the Raduino is the same board as an Arduino. I was assuming it was but "assume" is a very dangerous word so I rather confirmed :-)

I asked Farhan about how to obtain a new board but rather then waiting for his reply and mail from India I might as well buy an Arduino board locally.

New question:
The blue (r)arduino board is firmly connecthe to the larger green board. Before I continue and apply more force is this indeed a part that can be unplugged or does it need to be unsoldered?

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