Re: Newbie instructions for loading software in Raduino #firmware

Jerry Gaffke

The Mac can have trouble talking to the CH340 USB chip on the Nano clones
requires a special driver.  Here's on possible solution plucked from a very long thread:

Your USB cable may have been built with only two wires, suitable to supply power but no data wires.
Try the USB cable out on some other equipment, see if it really transfers data.

Lots of other things could go wrong here, it can be frustrating.
But if you keep plugging away and asking questions, it will most likely come to life.


On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 09:14 am, kj6etl wrote:
It powers on but its unresponsive to any input from the rotary controller or the funktion button.
When pressing the reset button it blinks for s second showing the version of the sofware thats it. This also happens with the board removed and only powered by USB.
After connecting it directly to my iMac and using the Arduino application its not showing under the available ports in the Tools menu.
When I check the USB ports in the System report its not showing there either.

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