Re: Newbie instructions for loading software in Raduino #firmware

Rod Davis <km6sn@...>


Please be aware that on Windows systems it may be necessary to load a driver program.

Apparently there are two variations of Arduino Nano, and one of them is not automatically
supported with Windows drivers.


for more details.

you may not have a bad raduino



On 05/17/2018 08:53 AM, kj6etl wrote:
Thanks these instructions will get me going.

You might have seen that I have been strugling to get my uBitx to work and I am now certain that I have a failed Raduino board since it doesn't even want to connect to my compuer.

Thank you for confirming that the Raduino is the same board as an Arduino. I was assuming it was but "assume" is a very dangerous word so I rather confirmed :-)

I asked Farhan about how to obtain a new board but rather then waiting for his reply and mail from India I might as well buy an Arduino board locally.

New question:
The blue (r)arduino board is firmly connecthe to the larger green board. Before I continue and apply more force is this indeed a part that can be unplugged or does it need to be unsoldered?

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