Re: Why I bought a uBITX

Paul Galburt - K2AYZ

Having just gotten off my bi-weekly company-wide engineering review, I must confess to having a bit of difficulty separating some of the uBitx discussions from my commercial product development (IOT and security).  The topics are often similar.

What I read on seems more like spirited creative discussion rather than bickering. Folks seems respectful of each other, but have informed points of view. I have been a working hardware and software developer for almost 60 years, but still learn stuff from the group every day.

Thanks to Farhan for being the Godfather of this product line while never letting ego block him from evaluating outside ideas fairly - unusual traits. Thanks also to so many group members for sharing their hard won technical skills and knowledge so freely. I hope to be able to contribute in kind over time.


Paul K2AYZ

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