Re: Newbie instructions for loading software in Raduino #firmware

Ralph Mowery

The Raduino is a combination of two things.  The chip and circuit that generates the frequencies, and a Arduino Nano.  You can unpower the uBITX and plug the mini USB plug into the Arduino nano unit on the Raduino board to power it up and program it.  In other words, forget about it being a Raduino board and just think of it as the Arduino.  Look around on Youtube for lots of info on programming the Arduino nano.

I actually blew the nano board on my ubitx and replaced the nano board with one of them off ebay that sells for about $ 3.  You can get one of those and play with the software so you will not mess up the one in the ubitx.  I have just gotten into playing with the Arduino in the last 6 months or so.  

The kd8cec program and his memory manager is very nice.   I modified mine to use the 6 push buttons to make it more convenient to operate. 

73 de ku4pt

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:30 AM, kj6etl <pa1zz@...> wrote:
I am finding instructions mentioning compiling etc. I visited the KD8CEC website and I am confused with the instructions given.
Is the Raduino the same as the Arduino so I can use the help recourses available for that platform?
Where can I find help for dummies showing step by step where exactly what to do without assuming one knows the fist steps?

Thank you!


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