Re: Why I bought a uBITX


I was with you until the split…

The world is full of split….

In this case, I don’t see how you can split the software, from the hardware as there is no blurry line, no sharp distinct line between the two…..they are the same animal….they are both components of the radio, and they do not work exclusively from each other in vacuums……but work side by side, interwoven…..and attempts to break the software discussions out and make them separate….with such justifications as…..the software compatibility with the IDE the user chooses and whether something else exists at some level or not… not exclusive from hardware mods that are required to make some of the software versions and flavors work….or enhance them…you want to miss out on that?

As a systems guy…..who appreciated that my job existed because there were users, not the other way around….and that I had to create a system that worked for everyone…..

How about a shift in thinking? 

What about thinking more about how to make it work for everyone, (let me tell you, with my experience, this environment is really hard to stomach sometimes, I would love to make it work better, but, then that would be better for me? right? what about you?)

And I bet you know what is the natural progression that comes next? right? If you would like something separate, just like if you would like something separate in the software….start working on it.

As clumsy as one big dump is……that is desirable…..the thing that is missing is easy retrieval…..the tools for that exist, but the biggest problem is compliance from hundreds of ‘right’ ideas….expectations cause work…..who wants that?


On May 16, 2018, at 11:52 AM, R. E. Klaus via Groups.Io <reklaus@...> wrote:

  First, Mr. Farhan, thank you for developing the BITX series of radios. I think there has been a great need for an inexpensive HF radio particularly for the QRP operator. I have a couple (used) QRO rigs but have a desire to try QRP and portable operation.  I would like to have a FT-817 but they are way beyond my budget. When I heard about the uBITX, I had to check it out and bought one ( now I am looking for the "perfect" (for me) case.) The basic uBITX is a good little radio. My wish list would be to have 10 watts PEP from 80 through 10 meters (many fixes available) and for it to have some type of output indicator to help avoid over driving the output and distortion.  May be a very basic CAT interface to use a tablet for digital modes.
  Now a suggestion to the group originator. I find it interesting that the highest number of posts seem to involve bickering over the best software developer/development. Maybe it is time to split the group into separate groups one for software developers and one for basic usage and modifications.
Roxie -- K1AUS

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