Re: Should we adopt the KD8CEC firmware?


The supplied software only needs to be enough for the new ham to put the uBITX together, change basic functions and settings, plug in a mic or key, and make a first contact.  The current stock firmware does that.  Could it be improved?  Maybe.  But it's a STARTING point.  I'd wager a very small percentage of users will have the experience to even know what else he/she may need.  How many would even know what CAT control is, and why they may need it?  That's where the aftermarket developers come in.

Once they get their feet wet and understand the landscape, then they can decide which flavor of upgraded firmware to install.  And either pre-built, or roll your own from source.

The current software is just fine.  The upgrade choices are nice with lots of added features, but the shipped version should be geared towards the beginner.  Ashhar's version does that.  It's his project, and ultimately, he's going to be responsible for the support.

However, of Ashhar feels it's prudent to give the various third party developers some space on the site to promote their various version, even better.

Complexity confuses and scares beginners.  Let them get a few contacts before adding to the chaos.

Henry Forte

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