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There is a really trivial solution to this reversing diode-fuse thing.  My drawing is awful but you get the idea…  You just need a 50 cent 10A 12V relay. 




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A search for 'reverse polarity" in this forum shows dozens of hits since the uBitx was released in early Dec.
Here's a few of mine:

I've given up trying to right that particular absurdity.

Unfortunately, we have hundreds of new hams with no fuse (or too big of one)
assuming they are protected when they are not.  
And some of them are bound to be a bit too careless as a result.

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One small point. 

If your using diode for reverse polarity protection it is better to place the
fuses BEFORE the diode as then the fuse blows and the diode is less
likely to be fried and also down stream circuits.



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