Re: boosting the power on 28 MHz #ubitx


Seems like the variation between radios is significant.

For certain I nee to look at the power chain.  My breadboard is better behaved but there are a handful of significant
differences.  The first of which is that based on other radios I've built the 2n3904 is not adequate above 20mhz.  I've
used 2n2369 for the first two stages and 2n2222A for the driver.  I think the MPSH10 in the driver might help further
but I'm waiting for some..  Significantly different transformers for t10 and t11 and used  a bifilar balun at l8/l9.
That amp is standalone and for a given output power (enough for 10W at 80M) that same input power at 10M
gets me 6w, thats ok but I know it needs more work.  That was the point it was at about 2 years ago. I got side
tracked by other projects so now it the time to revisit.

Generally the firmware makes no difference unless you have moved the various oscillator frequencies out of range.


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