Re: Are the uBITX receivers ripe for improvement? -- And some other miscellaneous thoughts.

Tim Gorman

On 80m/40m/20m the ubitx receives as well as my FTDX3000. Those bands,
esp 80m/40m, are noise limited not sensitivity limited. The 3000, of
course, has more filter options which helps control received noise.
However, an audio filter with a peak mode significantly helps the
ubitx on cw.

On the higher bands a pre-amp might help. That can be added in the
receive path just like nd6t's agc circuit and can be switched in and
out at need.

tim ab0wr

On Sat, 12 May 2018 20:10:06 -0700
"Tom, wb6b" <wb6b@...> wrote:

I see a lot of good conversations here about improving the uBITX
transmitter output. However, I see very little about how good the
receiver is. My question is, have many people done comparisons of the
uBITX receiver vs their other radios; particularly on SSB?


In my case I have noticed that my SDR using a cheap dongle seems to
outperform the uBITX receiver substantially. Even though I don’t
consider the SDR dongles to be the pinnacle of RF design, I guess
throwing brute force real time math at the receiver side makes up for
some of it.


Are the uBITX receivers ripe for improvement?


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