Re: Should we adopt the KD8CEC firmware?


I have followed all the KD8CEC uBITX sketch videos from the begining ( I do wish Dr Lee would put some sound guidance into these videos). There is a lot in the sketch that many of us still don't understand, so I would prefer an offical factory version release, but still keep the option there for the "original" VU2ESE sketch made available if folk ever feel the need to hop back.

( I am also with you on General Coverage Asharr, maybe a switch between the two options?) can anymore be squeezed in?

Horses for courses you can never make everyone happy, some will like parts of the original sketch (like me) some will like others input. But I accept that KD8CEC has done a excellent job. We must also not forget Jack's input and Allard too..

73 Steve


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