New software and hardware improvements will continue to come as the uBITX is purchased by more and more users. This is natural. Rather than incrementally improving pieces and parts and wind up with a hodgepodge of boards and operating systems, it might be better to step back and wait a year for uBITXII. A new board that will incorporate the new software such as a streamlined KD8CEC package and the proposed successful hardware AGC mods, CW filter mods, power mods well as other coming modifications.


Keep the suggestions, mods, failures and successes in mind and incorporate them into uBITXII. The upgraded software should be streamlined so it can be easily handled by the little existing Nano as well as a possibly newer and bigger UNO or other platform.


My uninformed and naive suggestion is develop an improved board based on the existing suggestions and incorporate updated software into a new uBITXII.

Bill Franzwa

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