CONTEST!!!! New Board Naming Contest #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

W0EB/W2CTX and N5IB are announcing the upcoming release of a complete new board for the uBITX transceiver that utilized the PJRC Teensy 3.6 as the micro-controller rather than the Arduino NANO.

We have been selling the older Raduino replacement I2C display board  that we lightheartedly named the "RadI2Cino" pronounced "rad eee too CEE no" as it's part Raduino, uses the I2C bus to run the display and can replace the Raduino.  It has met with a fair bit of success both NANO based and more recently with an N5IB designed adapter board that allows a Teensy 3.6 to plug into the RadI2Cino in place of the original NANO.

The Teensy adapter allowed for a number of extra digital and analog I/O pins that could be used for CW Keyer, S meter, Voltage Monitor and an almost limitless number of features not yet implemented (many not even thought of to date).

Now, our collective group, consisting of myself (W0EB), Ron - (W2CTX) and our board designer/layout engineer Jim - (N5IB), has come up with a newly designed board (still in the prototype stages) that will, when the design is finalized, be offered in bare board or kit of all parts (less the Teensy as a 3.5 or 3.6, preferrably 3.6 can be used) for a reasonable, postage paid, price..

Now here's the deal - I'm announcing a naming contest for this board since these things seem to need a catchy name to identify them such as the original Raduino, our RadI2Cino and several  that are being offered by others that I won't name here so as not to step on any toes.  All of these boards are fine in their own rights and all have merits so no arguments or flames please.

The Naming contest for our new board starts NOW and runs through 23:59 UTC May 20, 2018.

The PRIZE awarded to the person who we (W0EB/W2CTX and N5IB) judge to have come up with the best name for the new board will receive, free of charge, a complete kit of parts for the new board postage paid to the mailing address they specify.   This is open to all on the reflector and will also be posted to the uBITX group on Facebook.  The announcement will be posted on the website too.

Entries must be by direct email to the email address    jrg.qrv (at) gmail (dot) com   only. NO entries posted to this group or the uBITX Facebook group will be eligible.  The winner will be announced sometime after the contest closes at 23:59 UTC on May 20, 2018 and the winner will receive an email indicating so as well as being posted on, and the uBITX group on Facebook.

Of course, myself, W2CTX and N5IB are not in the contest and cannot be declared the winner - LOL.

Jim Sheldon, W0EB

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