Re: ubitx_20.ino does not compile, anybody else encounter this? #ubitx #ubitx-help #arduino #firmware

Gary Anderson

Hi Justin.  I must have been too vague in my original answer, to be helpful.

...  I found some functions defined as int, but did not return a value.  I changed to void......
void menuBand(int btn){ // was int but no return AG5TX
void menuCWSpeed(int btn){ // was int but no return AG5TX

Thanks for including your compile errors.
Let's look at the compiler error message
/Users/user/Downloads/ubitx-master/ubitx_20/ubitx_menu.ino: In function 'int menuBand(int)':
/Users/user/Downloads/ubitx-master/ubitx_20/ubitx_menu.ino: In function 'int menuCWSpeed(int)':

this tell us that the function is still declared as an "init",
but the function doesn't return a value so the compiler is not happy.

Both of these functions are in the ubitx_menu.ino file, can be found / edited in the ubitx_menu tab in the Arduino IDE

int menuBand(int btn){      to      void menuBand(int btn){
int menuCWSpeed(int btn){    to   void menuCWSpeed(int btn){

This should fix your problem.

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