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richcarter03052 <re.carter@...>

I made the same change, R63 to 10 ohms and R65 to 4K7.  The weak SSB audio appears to be fixed!  I'm using the stock microphone element.  It was low before the mod,. I don't like dealing with surface mount but I was able to lift the old resistors and solder in new ones.  It's tight getting in there around the electrolytics, but with a good soldering iron and a magnifying lens it's doable.  I ended up buying an assortment of 1206 resistors on ebay because I didn't have close values in my spare parts.  I now have huge supply of 1206 resistors purchased for less than $5 including free shipping.

My next plan is to fix the weak 28MHZ tx power using the mod listed elsewhere.  I purchased some 1206 caps.  When they come in, I'll do the mod.

I'll be looking for some way to limit output power to 5W for QRP operations.  Maybe using a variable power supply with a slightly lower voltage.

Rich - KE1EV

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