Kees T

As far as a quick and easy "Antenna Confirmation", I still like that little circuit Don, ND6T, came up with....and maybe others out there. Just a broadband noise generator and tune for the null with the receiver part of the Transceiver. No meters, no digital values to convert (which may or may not be correct) ....just a subjectively monitored "noise dip" as you tune the receiver while the noise generator is activated. If you are in the "dip", great, hit the PTT, ......if the dip is off frequency, just retune until it's on frequency. A bit different, a bit unusual, but very inexpensive and located under the covers of the UBITX with no Nano code change required. 

I've discussed installing it under the covers (vs externally) with Don and he tried it on his BITX-40 and says it works well. 

73 Kees K5BCQ

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