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Wow….does that bring back similar memories of my first computer experience….on the F106 Delta Dart in USAF….the compute interface was what you see there….in the middle of that front panel……a row of toggle switches….but not puny ones like that….mil spec….and nice large amber 28 volt lamps…..and to make it easy, there was the line above each group of 3 switches and lamps to indicate the octal address…..

After an aircraft landed you would be tasked to go run routines to pull flight data and also used to run maintenance routines or to really have fun, hook up to hydraulics, ground power, a refer unit to keep everything cool (move the cockpit switch to just a little open, and in FLA lower the cockpit to almost close) and then run a routine that would have the speed tapes and the altimeter run up to about 1.5 and 57k, open the bay door, lower the armament rails, simulate a couple ir and radar missiles and toss a air to air nuke, and plane would jump as those pneumatic supersonic rated doors cycled, along with the big jump when the vertical tail control surface slammed back and forth as you simulated breaking the sound barrier…..yeah….motion video games before they ever existed….while watching the best weather radar and every plane in the sky, and tracking your buddy on the flight line by the heat of his cigarette….and if anyone had any magic cubes for their instamatic….it was full day.

Classic computer interface.


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OMG! I built one of the Altair's for a friend and had to program it to test whether I had built it correctly. For those who don't know, those switches are for setting the binary bits for each byte of the program. When you had that byte set, you hit a "Deposit" switch which moved that byte into RAM. You could tell early Altair programmers by the "binary blisters" on their index finger!

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I saw somewhere online that someone has an Arduino based version of it; even looks the same!

John - WA2FZW

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