Re: New ideas for the Audio TX/RX pop and PA output stage improvements on

Joe Puma

I haven’t been follow the tx/rx pop yet and I don’t know if any of this is being done yet in the circuitry of the ubitx but I’ve been playing around with HT’s making a AllStar node and learned that on the Baofeng and maybe other radios there is no power going to the audio chip when tx’ing or if the squelch is closed. 

This is probably a question for Jerry or the likes.  Could this method help the TX/RX pop? Pull the power to the TDA chip?  Now maybe it might not matter or make a difference due to timing and build up voltage or current on the circuit. I’m out of my league here but was thinking out loud. 


On May 9, 2018, at 6:36 AM, victorladeira@... wrote:

   Can these mods be used with the stock irf510's? Will it improve the output and fix the audio pop. Still waiting for my  RDF16HHF1. I have the 2:3 wound and ready to go!

                                Thanks! Victor AL3K

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