Re: Low power output on ubitx #ubitx #ubitx-help

richcarter03052 <re.carter@...>

I just finished assembling my uBitx and get what I think is low power output.  I tried two different power meters to verify my results.  Measurements were taken in CW with a dummy load and 13.8VDC.

80M - 11.0W
40M - 7.3W
20M - 3.4W
10M - 0.7W

Is this normal power output?  I hear relays clicking when I change bands..

Also, in SSB mode, I get very weak power.  Unless I blow into the mic, I get no needle deflection on my peak-reading power meter.  I see a few threads about changing some resistors.  I'm using the stock mic element however and don't expect to need this.  Any comments please?

Rich - KE1EV

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