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I got my case last week and assembled the radio.  I really like the case.  It's well made and well worth the money.

I have a few comments.

The potentiometer holes in the front-panel are too small.  Drilling they out is trivial but necessary.
There is a replacement volume control pot included with the case kit.  The replacement lacks an on/off switch.  I assume that the issue here is that it's impossible to find a knob for the pot/switch included in the original kit.  There is a new on/off button for the back panel.  I can't see anyone wanting the button located on the back so I ordered a replacement pot with integral switch on ebay.
The audio jacks for the front-panel are made for PCB mounting.  These are hard to wire.  I replaced mine with panel mount jacks from my parts bin.
The kit includes three small circuit cards.  One for wiring the power button and fuse-holder, now not needed since I discarded the button.  One for wiring the encoder.  Since I already wired it, not much use to me.  One for a serial and USB port and two audio jacks on the back-panel.  There are no instructions so I have no idea how to wire this and i have no idea what the jacks are for.
There's an LED for the front-panel that should display TX/RX state.  This might be nice, but I can tell the radio mode without it.  No wiring instructions for this either.
Feet are included with the kit.  They are too tall and not necessary.  I put small stick-on rubber pads on the bottom of mine.
The kit includes duplicate parts like the pots and audio jacks already included in the original kit.  I assume this is to replace them if they are damaged when disassembling the kit for mounting in the new case.  The extra parts seem like a waste of money for the seller.

I have no idea what I'll do with this thing when I'm finished.  I need another rig like I need another hole in my head.  It's an entertaining project however.

Rich - KE1EV

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