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I normally just sit here and listen to all of you smart folks with the
hope that I can learn something from your discussions, but this trip
down memory lane is too much.

PDP-11/70s, VT-100 terminals and pre-System V Unix the old Version 7,
later all sorts of Unixes and Stratus VOS as well. Yep, I am an old Bell

First screen editor, Emacs, yes I still use it. IDEs, yes although I use
them mostly for compile/debug cycles.

I was for many years a system administrator and typically wrote programs
to accomplish the various utility functions that you would expect. I
also wrote a number of programs to support some rather large conversion

The scariest words I ever heard in a staff meeting, here is some code
install it on XYZ machine "it should work just fine". Almost always that
translated to "you will spend at least a week getting it to compile and
actually run".

So coding style, don't care but be consistent, if you are consistent I
can figure it out.

Functions and variables should describe what they are used for.

Comments, yes please, if you do something that might be
counter-intuitive then please explain why as well as what.

To finish, something I learned back then about unintended consequences.
After 20 hours working with Bell Labs on a problem in a telephone switch
we found the problem, the fix took about 20 seconds. Before the Bell
Labs guys dropped off the call one of them, I think it was Dennis said,
"you know I wrote that code and I never imagined it could do that".

Thanks for keeping my old mind active and it is back to learning mode
for me.

Art N4EZZ <>
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But I repeat myself.
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