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First coding ~ was typing games out of Hot CoCo magazine into everything from 4k to 64k color computers with my son….color basic…

Then first job coding was a little columnar based RPG on AS/400’s…..if you can see the girl in the red dress….then you were good to go….

But, I immediately pushed myself to head of the pack and was an early adopter of free form RPG, a quasi- ‘real’ language with sort of procedures….

In my travels….I found two kinds of programmers….hoarders and sharers…..

Those who think they are so slick they can write code that no one else can maintain….therefore maintaining a sense of false job security….some for a while (these are your stressful, suicidal coders)…..always on call over night to maintain their nightmares…..not much into sharing anything…..

And then I found those who eagerly shared the latest whizz bang routine they had come up with…..along with the documentation to allow you to comfortably use it….so it was always easy to share what you did with them….

Probably some of the hard to maintain code is from laziness….(from experienced lazy programmers… programmers might be given a little slack….but not after any intro like this), and some might be from rushed deadlines in the business world and self imposed deadlines in hobby stuff….but, I found most of the hard to maintain code in the business world….came from greedy people…..

The one thing extra I would add… add those comments when you write the code…..too many reasons to list to do this….far worse than NO comments is the comments that are added after the fact…..maybe reciting the business rule….not what was actually coded…and following not set pattern or style…

That was then….wonder what any code I might write today will look like….

anyway….just my thoughts


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As a bleeding edger...  CP/M 1.3, 1.4 and 2.2,  Smallc,  BDS C and even Pascal.
My copy of K&E has a Bell system cover and marginal notes from K!  I Used to call
on them back when and it was a gift, one I treasure.   However space was never
an issue as I was running hard disks before many.  I may add that system is
still in use as I can bang out good code fast on it (large library and old code
reserve) and a 10mhz Z80 kind does the job.

When I want to show the kiddies I fire up the the microPDP 11/23 (its smaller)
and run Unix V6 and show how far we have not gone.

Coding style.  I try to keep the code English as adverse to "reads like Greek".
Many many years in assembler and macro assemble if I could not figure it
out six months later either it needed more comments or I was trying to be
too slick.  So all the C I wrote/write is every effort to be plain, structured
and consistent in style even if I'm doing different than last project.  One
area is data structures shat I see these days is very hard to decrypt due
to layers of layers.  Yes, I know its C++, sometimes leaving out the ++ part
makes it cleaner other times It is handy to make it better packaged.  I'm
used to writing for small systems as in embedded and often resource limited.
Arduino feels big to me!

Oh, 64x16 must be a PT VDM-1 video or similar, Stiill have a system using that.
I've accumulated systems over the years astating with my first build back in '74.


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