Re: ND6T AGC implementation for uBIT-X

Gene Nitschke <genenitschke@...>


I must be doing something wrong as I could not find the files section of your web site.

I am looking  at But I do not find a files section.

I also looked at to no avail.

Maybe I am using the wrong site?

Could you please send link out?


Gene N2IJF

From: <> on behalf of Kees T <windy10605@...>
Sent: Saturday, May 5, 2018 4:30 PM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] ND6T AGC implementation for uBIT-X
I just uploaded the current AGC and Click kit requests. This list is to help me asses demand so I can have the correct sets of parts ready. There does not appear to be much demand for boards only, just complete kits. 

I'll post prices later, when I receive the boards and some testing is done. 

I was looking into Don's ND6T Polite Antenna Tuner, but there does not appear to be much interest and using it effectively may be a problem, so it's out. I did receive a request for a "Power Level Upgrade" kit but decided against that because there is a whole lot of testing to be done when you get into RF Amplification.

What may make sense, unless it's already out there as an add-on upgrade kit, is a Power/SWR capability using  a simple Stockton Bridge and a couple of AD8307's. I'm quite familiar with the bridge and the AD8307 parts are getting really cheap <$0.50 each. Wonder if those Chinese parts are usable at QRP specs ? Would need two analog inputs on whatever microcontroller .......and, of course, the ever present requirement for someone to provide support firmware. 

73 Kees K5BCQ

73 Kees K5BCQ

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