Re: FT8 on uBITX experiences

Tom Christian

Yesterday was one month of my uBITx in operation and it's been
100% FT8.  I posted my FT8 initial first week comments in:

After one month, I've had 252 FT8 contacts.  This has been with
a modest random length end-fed 59 ft antenna with one end up in
a tree.  I've worked 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, & 15 meters.
Almost all contacts have been 4 watts or less.  The results have
been great.  It includes 45 of 50 US states confirmed toward WAS
(I'm still trying to nail down those last 5 states).   It also
includes New Zealand, Australia, Russia AS, Samoa, Cuba, Japan,
and Canada.

So, I've been very happy with FT8.  I'll be even happier when
the subspot cycle turns up.....:)


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