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Dr. Jack, 

As he well knows….my purchase of ‘that’ book….

the spark that helped start a monthly meeting presentation at the Ham club that I attended at that time….I wanted to do some building, some making, some home brewing and was having a little trouble getting others to play with… I put together a presentation that started with Dr. Jack’s book….followed that up with the club having a builders group that started with Dr. Jack’s book…..

a few months later….that led to Dr. Jack speaking at a Builders Fest at the Ham clubs hamfest that I am no longer associated with…..said Builders Fest was opened up with my explanation of how everything in the room started with Dr. Jack’s book, and holding up of said book….and few going out as door prizes….

read more at my amazon review, and if you bought one make sure to leave your review…..

in the last few months, my builders group presentation has gone on the road to knoxville, and to kingsport, tn……the opening of both presentations…..holding up Dr. Jack’s book……

ask me how I really feel?


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I bought your book from Amazon last year.  Lots of interesting projects.  Maybe I’ll find the time to build some of them some day.
Max K 4 O D S.
I've Never Lost the Wonder.
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Jack, W8TEE
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At least i sponsored the superzize meal.
Using the book a lot


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