Re: Calibration - my approach #ubitx

David Beal

ok - no problem.
One step at a time, right? 

Quoting from:

"Another member of the group gave me this advice.

Tune to 7074 using LSB. You should hear nothing. Then change to USB and
you should hear all kinds of psk and other digital modes.

If you hear these signals in LSB then your BFO frequency is not

My BFO was way off after I first tried to calibrate it. I then started
over with mine at 996.4 and ended up at 996.7. If yours is a long way
off from that then I'll bet you hear psk at 7074 when in LSB."

For my interpretation of the above, I

Step 0: Confirm that the BFO is set to 11997.00 (via the radio menu which is accessible after you enable "Setup On" )
Step 1: Set frequency to 7074
Step 2: Set mode to USB 
Step 3: Confirm that there is audible digital activity
Step 4: Set mode to LSB
Step 5:  Return to the "Set the BFO" menu (at this time in this menu, you can not adjust mode or frequency) 
Step 6: while listening to 7074 on LSB, adjust the BFO for the lowest audible level of the digital signals.  (in my case, the default 11997.00 was good. I don't expect that you'll need to adjust this much at all). Press the PTT button to write to uBITX memory
Step 7: Set mode to USB - ensure that you can still hear the digital signals well. 

Note that I did have a very strong, lower audio frequency digital signal that still got through on LSB,  but all of the others all but disappeared with BFO adjustment. 
Good luck! 

Dave Beal

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